Letters to the Editor

Russian intrigue just the beginning

At President Trump’s press conference on Thursday he was asked (repeatedly and by more than one reporter), “Can you assure us that no one in your campaign had contact with Russian intelligence operatives before your inauguration?” His response, each time, was a rambling, evasive non-answer. We sorely need an independent, bipartisan Congressional commission to get to the bottom of this sorry affair.

My personal hope, though, is that this is not the sole issue that will bring about a successful impeachment effort. The swirl of intrigue, innuendo and leaks by shadowy sources is as understandable as Kabuki theater to most of us. It doesn’t reflect or capture the big picture of what is occurring in the nation right now.

There is a powerful and growing groundswell of popular opposition to this president, his appointees, and the misguided Republican agenda. The real and compelling reasons for turning Trump out of office have to do with his discrimination against Muslims, using his position for personal enrichment, callousness regarding protection of the middle class, and many other issues.

These points are starting to emerge in the public consciousness, and will be the eventual driving force behind removing Trump. Then we can get on with the business of getting the country to a better place.