Letters to the Editor

We need a carbon tax to combat global warming

It is difficult to grasp the seriousness of global warming when we don’t see much evidence of it day to day here in the Olympia area. But there are huge changes taking place in other parts of the world.

The arctic has recorded temperatures 20 to 30 degrees warmer than normal. Australia has been suffering from record breaking high temperatures and droughts. A recent issue of the National Geographic magazine describes how the oceans absorb most of the heat caused by carbon emissions resulting in sea temperatures of record highs. The Gulf of Maine is warming faster than any other ocean region on earth causing puffin chicks to starve because their normal prey, hake and herring, avoid the warm water. In Florida, warm water boosts toxic algae bloom.

Corals around the world are dying. Climate change is happening and we must do something to discourage the use of fossil fuels and encourage the use of clean energy.

A tax or fee on carbon is long overdue. Several plans are being promoted to address the issue. The “Fee and Dividend” plan promoted by Citizens Climate Lobby is an excellent one. A fee is added to the price of carbon in order to discourage its use. The revenue collected by this fee is returned to the citizens via a monthly dividend check. This is a very simple plan with no government bureaucracy or regulations involved. For more information, search for “Citizens Climate Lobby”, then click on “Carbon Fee and Dividend.”