Letters to the Editor

The Port aids environmental damage

There is a divergence of opinion about the impact of the port on the environment. Port management claims good stewardship and cites its Green Marine designation. On the other hand, a large segment of the community holds that the port’s decision to handle fracking proppants contributes to enormous ecological damage.

In the world of propaganda, there is a device known as a Potemkin Village which is an impressive facade designed to hide an undesirable fact or condition. Using the ruse of its Green Marine designation, the port has created its own Potemkin Village.

The EPA uses three measures to classify Greenhouse Gas emissions: Scope 1 -direct emissions from controlled operations; Scope 2 - indirect emissions from purchased energy, and; Scope 3 - indirect emissions from the end use of the product being handled. The Port of Olympia refuses to engage Scope 3 due to the inconvenient truth of the enormous volumes of greenhouse gases caused by the fracking materials it handles. The reality is that, with the transshipment of over 250,000 metric tons of proppants, the resultant environmental damage must be measured in the millions of tons of greenhouse gases. Therefore, for the port to claim Green Marine honors in the face of this atrocious record adds insult to the terrible environmental injury that it has aided and abetted.