Letters to the Editor

Quality education changes everything

Hopefully, Mr. Pitt’s insights about the “education gap” will lead to some positive changes. (Leonard Pitts, Feb. 21) Currently education places too much emphasis on test results and paperwork, leaving little time left to focus on teaching the how to think and reason.

A new commitment to quality education for all, regardless of zip code is definitely in order. There needs to be equal and adequate funding to bring this about. With one in five children struggling with hunger, many of our students are having difficulty focusing on learning.

The SNAP program offers a short term answer, but needs adequate funding to truly make a difference. Universal preschool can help every child to be ready for school, instead of playing catch up for 12 years. Federal legislation is needed to make this happen. This can come about with actively involved citizens.

So call, write, or visit your elected representatives and senators asking them: first, end hunger by fully funding SNAP; second, pass universal preschool. These are two changes that can truly make a difference in the education of all Americans, helping to close the gap Mr. Pitts mentions.