Letters to the Editor

An apology about ballots

Sometime ago, I wrote to complain that I thought that having to put a stamp on my election ballot to have it returned amounted to a poll tax.

Many wrote in to say I was unpatriotic, lazy, or wrong. I am neither unpatriotic or lazy, but I was wrong.

The state mails me a ballot at no charge at all. After I fill it out I have the option of dropping it off at voting site or designated drop box at no cost at all. If I choose to mail it in, the stamp I put on it is a charge I incur to have another deliver it for me.

To those of you who wrote in to complain, I thank you for without your letters I would never have researched this subject further. To the governor and attorney general of this state, if my threat of a lawsuit caused you any loss of sleep, I apologize.

The reason I write this apology is because of something my father told me a long time ago. He said; “when you are right you need apologize to no one. When you are wrong, you need to apologize to everyone.” I apologize.