Letters to the Editor

Property tax, income tax obsolete

The Republicans have proposed a couple of interesting concepts.

One is an increase in property taxes to fully fund education. Along with that they are floating a bill that would forever ban a state income tax. So let me see if I have this right, if your annual income is huge, then it would follow that you would probably have a nice piece(s) of property and you are paying property taxes commensurate with the value of the property. Conversely, those making less (possibly a lot less) wouldn’t be able to afford a “nice” piece of property and, therefore, would pay less in property taxes.

So let me ask, does this quack like a duck? Does this pass the snicker test? If your income is greater and your property taxes are also greater than someone making less, then explain to me the difference between an increase in property taxes and a well disguised income tax.

It is time that the agriculturally based, 60+ years old, tax code in the state of Washington be rewritten and brought into the 21st century. To fully fund education, protect and serve the citizens of Washington we need political leadership to face up to the need for change. Quit the status quo and have the spine to be a leader. General Patton said to the effect, “that if everyone is thinking the same, then no one is thinking.”

Party lines may be comforting but progress will be measured by action.