Letters to the Editor

We need to pay for our local press

What’s this? Another letter from The Olympian announcing another rate hike? $58 a month. That’s almost $2 a day to have the local news delivered to my doorstep. I grew up in Issaquah. For 117 years The Issaquah Press documented our family’s and our friends’ major life events. It reported the local politics and gave us the local perspective on larger issues of the day. Last month The Issaquah Press distributed its final issue. This can’t happen with The Olympian.

Sure, we can “go on-line” or subscribe to a larger newspaper, but we won’t find the stories vital to our community that local reporters can give us — stories such as the newly minted “independent” commissioners firing our public defense director. As Commissioner Blake said “change” certainly has come about. That article, plus Linden Bentley’s letter (3/4) about the new commissioners disregarding the Supreme Court’s decision on protecting our water resources, would never appear in larger newspapers. No one would be there to sound the alarm on these ominous actions.

And we would never have heard how the congregants of St. Mark Lutheran Church built a laundry facility to serve disadvantaged families of Mountain View Elementary students. We need our local press — with our local reporters — to showcase the best of our communities and to alert us to the nefarious. Local presses and local reporters are fundamental to a strong working democracy.

Thank you, Olympian staff. Your work is a bargain at any price.