Letters to the Editor

I pray for Trump’s followers

Much of Donald Trump’s appeal is his honest presentation of himself. We did not need to rely on investigative reporters or Watergate-like tapes to learn his views on women, people with disabilities, and entire ethnic and religious groups. He openly shared his unvarnished Brietbart conspiracy theories about Cruz and Obama. Yes, he has a very limited, repetitious vocabulary, and is not well read. Still, he comes wrapped as a gift from Barnum Bailey. He knows a follower is born every minute and he knows how to get their attention with tweets.

When talking with an evangelical supporter I admitted I had only read the Bible a few times. I asked, “Where in the Old or New Testament does it suggest we brag about our wealth, our intelligence, or grabbing women by their genitalia.” He looked off and smirked, “All fake news.” A nearby truth-seeker quipped, “I don’t care what the Time’s Washington Mall pictures showed, Trump did have the biggest inauguration, even following a rigged election.”

I know Donald is hard to follow from day-to-day, even sometimes hour-to-hour. His followers perform incredible mental-back-flips to explain his tweets and justify his quips. How did this magician conjure up such blind devotion? Returning to the Bible, I found the answer in I, 2 Corinthians 11:14, “Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.” Now each night before bed I pray the blinders will be stricken from the followers who brought him to power. Then I pray bigly for my country.