Letters to the Editor

Our community needs the Home Fund

It’s time to stop wringing our hands about the problems we face in our community and time to come together to do something about it.

I have lived in Olympia almost my entire life and - if you’re like me you have seen a rise in the number of vulnerable people living homeless and often unsheltered on our streets and felt overwhelmed by the amount of need and been unsure what you can do to make a difference. As a part of the medical provider community I have had the chance to meet with many of our citizens who struggle with chronic homelessness and I understand that we cannot start to solve our other problems if we don’t make sure that people first have a safe, warm, dry, stable place to call home.

This next November, we may have a very elegant opportunity to stop fretting and start working on solutions. We need the Olympia City Council to put the Home Fund on the ballot this fall.

The Home Fund is a community-driven campaign to house the most vulnerable of Olympia’s residents. The Home Fund will be created with a simple levy that will hardly felt by Olympia Property owners but will change the lives of those it aims to help. Other Washington cities have begun to use this same strategy to create permanent supportive housing. As an Olympia property owner myself, and as frequent patron of our downtown I am hoping to see the Home Fund on the ballot.