Letters to the Editor

Trump: He may defy critics, be true patriot

Re: “Nationalist leaders target enemies,” (TNT letter, 3/9).

Here we go again, trying to compare our newly elected president to Adolf Hitler. Implying that protest will result in imprisonment, banishment to concentration camps and even death.

I truly feel sorry for people who are so totally ignorant. Stating that Donald Trump called the free press an enemy of the people is absolutely correct. A lot of what the press writes could not be used in a court of law (the truth and nothing but the truth). They would be thrown in jail for perjury. Half-truths and prejudice innuendos don’t make facts.

This president will at least support law enforcement, support our military, tackle the violent gang issue, remove people who have entered our country illegally and tackle the national debt, which has risen higher in the last eight years than all the 241 years before. Plus, build the economy, bring back American jobs and improve infrastructure.

Given half a chance and with God’s help, he just might make America great again and if so, he will go down in history as a true American patriot.