Letters to the Editor

Housing is not the only issue

It is clear in The Olympian’s coverage of a recent commissioners work session that housing is a complex and contentious issue (“Edwards: Homelessness is ‘more a municipal issue than it is a rural America Issue’ ” by Lisa Pemberton and Amelia Dickson, The Olympia, Aug. 5).

Thurston County is experiencing a housing crisis and the basic assistance programs that we already have are under attack. Families are the fastest growing homeless population in this county. These families sleep in cars, tents and on couches. They are resilient and resourceful but while these families are working hard to increase their financial stability, they need support.

Medicaid and SNAP allow these parents to provide food for their families and visit the doctors when their children sick. Imagine what would happen if these programs went away. Housing is an important issue, however, we must not lose sight of these beneficial programs.

I ask our Congress to protect basic assistance programs like SNAP and Medicaid and oppose any cuts or structural changes for the 2018 budget.

Coco Chang, Olympia