Letters to the Editor

GOP’s spine has gone MIA

Abraham Lincoln stood for principles, Teddy Roosevelt battled the monopolies, and Eisenhower spoke truth to the military industrial complex. Their spine helped them stand tall.

Then the great manipulator began with a “southern strategy” and bequeathed us “Watergate” politics. Nixon and the GOP’s spine X-ray went blurry.

Reagan’s handlers became Bush’s handlers; and readily deployed weapons of mass deception. Principles went silent, as they only preached fear and hate. Their goal became: to win at any cost. The GOP X-ray dimmed, showing little bone left.

The thrice-married orange con man whispers about grabbing pussies in the ears of devout evangelicals, but his cult followers cannot hear. The billionaire wheeler-dealer incorporated racism and hatred in his siren call. This was a great cover to distract from an agenda to reward his families and cronies in the 1 percent. So many “great people” have had to leave the White House that now TRUMP is listed as the synonym for the word SWAMP.

Then the snake takes a break from bullying veteran families, world leaders, and GOP members. He pauses long enough to hiss, “Merry Christmas.” In the background Trump and Putin hum the theme tune for “From Russia with Love.”

Now WikiLeaks releases the latest GOP spine X-ray, and it has gone dark. But if you squint, you’ll see on the bottom the faint bone spur on the heel of the great chicken-hawk Trump.