Letters to the Editor

Thank you to community for helping church

We wish to thank the wonderful people in our community who have helped us in our time of need.

Our church building suffered a major fire on Oct. 15, as reported in The Olympian. Our gracious God kept everyone safe as he worked through those he called and equipped to serve. Lacey Fire, with help from other fire departments, did excellent work to control the fire.

As our church members stood by in shock watching the fire spread, neighbors, friends, pastors and members of other churches immediately came to help us by offering support, places to meet, and other assistance. Others prayed for us, sent cards, donations and offers of help. Mary Ziegert’s third-grade class at Evergreen Forest Elementary School made cards for us which they set out for us to see the first Sunday we met in our temporary home at the school. The faculty and staff at the school prepared a table of treats for us along with a card offering their comfort for us.

We feel extraordinarily blessed by the compassion and comfort so many have given us. Thank you!