Letters to the Editor

Understanding fine point of NFL protests

In response to Susan Ritter’s article of outrage against the NFL and the few players taking a knee: Do you actually believe that these players hate the flag, hate the military, hate the government and hate taxpayers? Is that the point of their actions, to show disrespect for all this? Instead of having false outrage, why not try to understand the reasons for their protests?

Sometimes it’s not easy for me either, since I’m shiny white and have no idea of what the minority experience is like in this country. When our parents and grandparents came home from World War II, they were welcomed with open arms. When theirs came home, after fighting for freedom, they faced discrimination, were barred from housing, couldn’t drink from the same drinking fountain, etc. Today, a child shot to death playing in a park, a man choked to death selling cigarettes on the street, and so many more injustices.

If you see a few football players taking a knee as the real problem here, you are sadly missing the point. These overpaid, ungrateful, unpatriotic football players, many of whom grew up in poverty and faced racial discrimination from birth, now have a voice, and they are using it to try to affect change. If we can look beyond our white privilege, maybe we can see “whatever is is they are trying to accomplish.”

By the way, when the anthem plays on your TV, do you stand or stay seated, searching the sidelines for others sitting like you?