Letters to the Editor

Thank you, Lacey, for saving energy, one LED light bulb at a time!

Puget Sound Energy would like to thank Lacey residents for your interest in energy efficiency! Through Sunday, Nov. 26, PSE is offering every residential customer in Lacey a free LED bulb. Hundreds of residents have already taken advantage of this offer and LED bulbs are starting to arrive in mailboxes.

Why does switching out just one incandescent bulb to an LED matter?

LED bulbs can save you money. Switching just the five most-used lights in your home — for instance, in your living room, kitchen, and entryway, which are likely in use close to four hours a day — could save you around $44 a year on your electric bill.

LED lighting can reduce electrical consumption by up to 90 percent over incandescent bulbs. If all of our Lacey customers switched just one bulb to an LED, it would save more than 19 million kilowatt-hours of electricity annually, equivalent to greenhouse gas emissions from 2,924 passenger vehicles driven for one year. This small change can make a big impact.

PSE offers dozens of ways you can start saving today. From swapping out light bulbs or installing a smart thermostat, to recycling old appliances or upgrading your home’s heating system, windows and insulation, there’s an instant discount, rebate or program for everyone.

If you haven’t taken advantage of the free LED offer, there’s still time! For more information about how to get your free LED and other PSE programs and services for residential customers, visit pse.com/savenow.

(Gonzalez works for Puget Sound Energy)