Letters to the Editor

NFL protest should lead to turning off games

The writers who choose to defend the NFL players who disrespect our flag and anthem should be ashamed. Those negative actions only create another schism in our divided nation. Those pampered players could do something positive with their wealth and try to set good examples for a refreshing change.

To the writer who professed to speak for a deceased veteran of WWII: I as a vet in the Pacific theater profess to speak for all the thousands of valiant dead and injured who gave their all for our country. The flag atop Mount Suriibachi was a symbol for us all to be honored forever. I was privileged to view that wonderful flag when our crippled B-29 landed on Iwo Jima. I’ll be forever grateful and in awe of those brave young men who gave their lives for the cause of freedom and love of country.

What a contrast to the NFL and a stirring example as all the participants in the World Series honored our flag and national anthem.

I join Vin Scully, who said he would never watch another NFL game.

Edward L. Thomas, Olympia