Letters to the Editor

How is Moore more offensive than Trump

I feel like Alice in the rabbit hole. News is getting curiouser and curiouser, actually weirder and weirder, and more disgusting than anything she encountered. At least in my memory, Alice wasn’t molested.

Now we have a Republican Party determined to push Roy Moore off the track to occupy Jeff Sessions’ Senate seat. But they can’t seem to find much to object to in the Molester-in-Chief who bragged about using his power and wealth to grab whatever he wanted, women’s anatomy included.

If they are really so disgusted with Moore and his predilection for dating young teens, well, now they know how a majority of Americans, hopefully a vast majority, feels about the person occupying the Presidency. He is clearly not a President in ANY sense other than he was already elected by a minority of those who bothered to vote — go figure. It seems that’s the standard Republicans are using to calibrate their disgust — he’s already elected, has the power, so now he can molest the country and the world.

It is time for all Republicans — including those here in Thurston County, yes, including those that cowardly hid behind the Independent label in recent elections — to share how they feel about Trump. Just as women must not bear all the work to help society shed systems that enable molestation, rape, and many ways in which women are violated and demeaned, it shouldn’t fall just to Democrats and others to repudiate this vile, venal, petty man.

Alan Mountjoy-Venning, Olympia