Letters to the Editor

Watching local teams isn't easy

Haven’t we had enough of the confusing scheduling and televising of local sports teams? As I write this, I am still waiting to get the Washington vs. Stanford football game. It’s supposed to be on something called FSN1. But it’s not! FSN1 is showing a race between pickup trucks.

FSN1 claims you can watch that game on FSN2. But you can’t. Unless, of course, you buy a more expensive cable menu that includes FSN2 where it wasn’t supposed to be in the first place.

And how did that UW football game get scheduled for the same day and hour that the first basketball game of both the season and the new coach Mike Hopkins era? Welcome to local sports programming, Mike. As a UW alumnus, I apologize. You deserved a more respectful debut, Mike.

While I’m at it, is anyone else tired of searching for channels with only alphabetic designations? FSN1, FSN2, ESPNU, ESPN2, PAC 12, etc., etc. My TV set has channels designated by numbers, not alphabetic mysteries. I don’t want to play anagrams. Just want to know what channel the game is on.

Can’t somebody clean up this mess?