Letters to the Editor

We should all stand for the flag

As a veteran and American, I will always stand for the American flag because it is the only thing that unites our country. I do see a lack of respect and understanding in the NFL players that do not honor our flag, so I do not watch the NFL anymore. Do not get me wrong — everything is not good in our country and I do not agree with all the decisions made by our leaders in our state and federal government.

But because of the flag, I can vote, speak, write, and think what I want without fear. As I write this, men and women are out there somewhere 24/7 protecting my rights and every other American. And I thank them for this and for them I stand for the flag. I can protest legally or not, I have that choice because of the flag. So let’s stand and honor the flag and feel free to properly protest, speak, write how you feel as a free American.

God bless our troops wherever they may be, and may God bless America.