Letters to the Editor

Don't cut off my lifeline

In the grand scheme of things, the proposed graduate education tax may not rank at the top of horrible actions by this administration. But it is absolutely part of my story. I am a Latinx child of an immigrant (at one time undocumented) factory worker. I, myself, was a high school dropout and overcame a history of substance abuse.

What pulled me out of the downward spiral was access to higher education with financial aid. I started with community college, transferred to university, then taught special education full time throughout my master’s program (while also raising two small children).

Continuing education has allowed me access to a stable life and career. My next step includes pursuing my doctorate this coming year.

I will do all I can to fight this policy and make sure that everyone, regardless of their past or adverse childhood experiences, has access to education and training and an upward path in life.