Letters to the Editor

Listen up NFL players

I have had enough of this NFL player protesting. These million-dollar whiners are hurting the NFL and no one will stand up and say “Take your protest somewhere else after work!”

What a phony excuse — freedom of expression under the 1st Amendment. After a questionable call, why doesn’t Michael Bennett go up to the ref and cuss him out with vile words and then flip him the bird? Because Bennett knows there are limits to freedom of speech! Kneeling during our National Anthem also has limits and these players have crossed that line!

What is Bennett doing to get the inner-city kids to stay in school, get educated and trained? Why doesn’t Kaepernick go to the inner cities and work with the young kids to stop committing crime? Commission of a crime brings the cops around. Show them — no crime, no police brutality. Kaepernick doesn’t believe in helping with community action. Instead, he donates $25,000 to defense of a black dude that killed a cop.

What are the rest of the NFL players doing to tell these young men to stop fathering children with no intention of raising that child in a family unit?

Doug Baldwin has my respect. He is working outside the stadium to attempt a change in these issues. These other players need to quit spitting on the graves of veterans that died defending our flag!