Letters to the Editor

What I would be thankful for

In the Sunday paper there was a article titled “Just how many calories are in that holiday meal?” It was a long article detailing how many calories, grams of salt, fat, sugar, etc., were in each and every serving of any of the foods and drinks we usually associate with Thanksgiving dinner.

After reading it, I realized that I would be thankful if, just for the holidays, I could share a meal with my family and friends without being made to feel guilty about each and every piece of food I put in my mouth. Just for once I would like to sit down to a meal without being preached at by some all-knowing do-gooder who feels it is necessary to save me from myself.

I am 74 years old and in those years I have learned that quality of life is at least as important as quantity of life. If by eating an extra piece of pie, I shorten my life by 5 minutes, so be it.