Letters to the Editor

Thankful for City Council campaign support

Thanks to all Olympians for your support during my City Council campaign. We worked hard doorbelling, attending forums, hosting neighborhood parties, placing signs, and raising funds. Thanks especially to former mayors Bill Daley, Rex Derr, Stan Biles, Bob Jacobs, Mark Foutch, and Doug Mah who all supported my campaign. Special thanks to Joe Hyer, my campaign treasurer, who navigated the Public Disclosure Commission rules without any complaints!

Although we were unsuccessful in the election, we ran a positive campaign and were on the right side of the issues. Please be assured that I will continue to work to improve downtown, to end homelessness, and to deal with sea-level rise as a private citizen.

I will never forget the first time I ran around Capitol Lake, tripping through the vast railroad yard below the Temple of Justice, as a young assistant attorney general in 1982, and envisioning the area as our National Mall equivalent. Over three decades later, we are close to completing the historic Olmsted/Wilder and White plans for the North Capitol Campus Heritage Park with the purchase and removal of the Capitol Center Building and replacing it with the long-planned carousel, Squaxin Island Tribal Museum longhouse, and an artesian water well feature.

In addition I will work with the city council, judges, and county commissioners to build a new courthouse in downtown and to reopen Capitol Lake for swimming and recreation.

Together we will continue to build a more beautiful, prosperous, and sustainable State Capital City.