Letters to the Editor

The news on climate: Don’t get despondent, get active

After the smoke from this summers’ fires and the dislocation from this autumn’s hurricanes, we now have the Bonn conference where we’ve learned that even Germany is falling behind in its commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Washington, D.C., would hardly seem a place to gain some optimism that we’re on a path to solving the climate crisis. But I was energized by a few recent days there, speaking with some of Washington state’s federal lawmakers and their staffs, and strategising with like-minded folks. Despite what you read (and despite our Denier-in-Chief), there is hope.

On Capitol Hill, both Democrats and, yes, Republicans are increasingly open to strategies that use basic economics to discourage carbon emissions while incentivizing the need to transition to clean energy and increased efficiency. A nationwide carbon fee and dividend program will start to heal the planet, while allowing us all to make decisions that benefit our families. Congress is not entirely convinced yet, and that’s where your voice can help. Check out the thoroughly considered and eminently achievable solution advocated by Citizen’s Climate Lobby, and get involved.

The economic and social costs to our grandchildren of bequeathing them a hostile climate are too great for this to become a partisan battle. And the future of our planet is too important to surrender to despondency.