Letters to the Editor

Trump's Thanksgiving to Americans

Donald Trump has not accomplished anything since election! I disagree; he has accomplished a scary and dangerous amount.

He has:

1. Alienated our allies and taunted insecure despots to war.

2. Created mistrust here and abroad in anything American and in any treaty or agreement we have ever made.

3. Gotten us accustomed to lies as normal responses.

4. Demonstrated that a sexual predator, deceiver, mobster, autocrat, and thief can be President and stay President.

5. Dismantled, and reversed policy for every office that protects: non-billionaires, the earth, health and safety regulations for food, air, water, and chemicals.

6. Risks the lives of every American (under 1 Billion net worth) by destroying wages, over taxing, and not funding programs that help ordinary people overcome the tyranny of trickery perpetrated in college debt, mortgage debt, over pricing in the health care industry and many others.

7. Scapegoats news agencies, his perceived enemies, and certainly his opponents.

8. Blatantly hates people with dark skin, the infirm, women, GLBT, and any one who challenges him.

9. With jeers and gestures threatens the lives of every person globally with nuclear war.

10. Is well on his way to destroying democracy.

All this, while the party of “family values” are in majority power, having the sacred duty to protect us from such despots, Do nothing! These Republicans are so eager to keep their billionaire donors who want the federal government gutted to secure their right to unbridled greed and consequent impoverishment of everyone else, they sacrifice democracy! Such “Christian patriots” they are!