Letters to the Editor

Let's take climate matters into our own hands.

As a college student concerned about the impacts of climate change on my (and future) generations, I hope the day will soon come when our government leaders take meaningful action to address it.

This shouldn’t feel like waiting for a miracle. And yet, in keeping with Trump’s consistent denial of climate-related issues, the United States is now the only government that´s opposed to the Paris climate agreement — Syria recently announced that it would join the landmark 2015 pact to reduce global climate-disrupting pollution.

President Trump is ignoring the calls to action by his own agencies, which recently released a study of how climate change is affecting Americans and our economy.

But no matter the ineptitude of the White House. We hold unique citizen power to rise to this occasion.

Let’s continue to urge our legislators (Call them! Write them letters!) to support comprehensive climate change action, including investment in renewable energy and protection against destructive oil drilling and pipelines. We can also take climate matters into our own hands by planting trees, practicing energy conservation and eating less meat.

The health of future generations truly rests on the foresight (or lack thereof) of our decisions today. May we choose wisely.

Rebecca Canright, Olympia