Letters to the Editor

The Olympian editorial was almost right

I seldom agree with the Olympian Editorial Board, but their editorial of Nov. 12 was better.

▪  I agree the Legislature needs to find bipartisan agreements. Do Democrats know the meaning of bipartisanship?

▪  I agree we should follow the science for climate change. We should also follow the science for abortion. Perhaps what is being aborted is a kumquat, not a human life.

▪  I agree we need to do something about homelessness, but Thurston County liberals screwed up big time. Bailey’s Motor Inn, an out-of-date motel, was sitting there unused; it could have been converted to temporary apartments. I guess liberals prefer to tear down usable buildings and build something new rather than recycle.

▪  I agree that Democrats may go ‘one bridge too far.’ They have a tendency to over-reach and I expect it this time.

▪  I disagree we need higher taxes; what we need is lower expenses. I have explained in detail, and in this newspaper, how this can be done. Of course I am ignored.

Democrats, enjoy your majority for the next year. I am confident that liberal aggressiveness will put conservatives back in charge in the House, Senate and potentially the Governor’s office. Sit back and enjoy this spectacle of your own making; we will see you in November 2018.

Ardean A. Anvik, Shelton