Letters to the Editor

Corporate interests rule at the Port of Olympia

Corporate interests rule at the Port of Olympia

An ancient saying goes: “As above, so below.” Above in Washington, D.C., today, Trump and gang are poised to pass the most egregious tax scam in history. Except for the wealthy and corporate interests, our society will suffer greatly because of this immoral transfer of wealth.

So below, at the Port of Olympia, Commissioners McGregor and Downing have voted to increase the tax levy by over 20%, or about $1 million. When every single tax dollar in Thurston County is scarce and needed for essential social services, these guys have passed this give-away to Weyerhaeuser.

The scale of social evil is greater in DC, but its essence is the same at the Port of Olympia. Both rely on economic fantasies as their rationale. Above, the Republicans claim that their tax give-away will trickle down and stimulate the economy. Below, McGregor and Downing rely on a bogus “economic benefits” report to mask the port’s operational failures and corporate subsidies.

Whether McGregor and Downing are unwilling, or are simply unable, to recognize the true economic picture, all policies based on falsehoods are doomed to failure. Above, Trump’s lies are apparent. Below, the port’s dire financials are still masked by the false assertions that POO’s results are comparable to other Washington ports. This is untrue.

And their tax increase is but the tip of the financial iceberg. They have completely ignored the looming $100 million Budd Inlet dredging project in the port’s financial planning. Guess who will pay for that! Hint: not Weyerhaeuser.

Denis H. Langhans, Olympia