Letters to the Editor

The GOP tax bill is madness

The GOP tax bill is driven not by political ideology or American values, but by corporate greed. We will see the foundations of our society stripped away.

“Take from the poor, give to the rich,” must be the MO of Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan. Despite everyone, from working families to liberal and conservative economists, telling GOP leaders to vote no on this sham tax bill, they charge ahead. They are ramming a tax bill through government that will add an astounding $1.4 trillion to the national debt. There has been no discussion. There has been little review. The sham tax plan will justify slashing programs that millions and millions of Americans rely on to live.

One third of Washington’s state budget is made up of federal resources. Think McCleary was bad? Think it’s time to fix our roads? Think mental health care needs to be more accessible and affordable? Say goodbye to any hope of improving those things. Meanwhile, massive corporations and the ultra wealthy will continue to consolidate this country’s wealth.

Representatives Newhouse, Herrara Beutler, McMorris Rodgers, and Reichert should be ashamed of themselves for voting for corporations and greed instead of the many working people and families who depend on them.