Letters to the Editor

Adding ‘Mexican spice’ to Harlequin’s Stardust

Regarding Molly Gilmore’s most recent write up of Harlequin Productions’s Stardust: If the point of Harlequin adding these songs and story points into the show is to share and educate culture, it would probably be prudent for you to take some notes or at least Google search before you print.

“Guantanamera” is one of Cuba’s most famous songs and it’s about Cuba. The song “Tequila” is also Cuban and features the Cuban mambo beat.

Richie Valens (American of Mexican decent) adapted and made “La Bamba” popular in the United States.

We, as Americans, are all horribly guilty of lumping all Latin cultures together and assuming it’s all Mexican. We also refuse to acknowledge or claim the important contributions and influences on us and our country that Latin cultures have had.