Letters to the Editor

Justice not equal in politics

Equal justice under law. These words are etched on the Supreme Court building in Washington, D.C. What do they mean to us and to our politicians? Since the election of Donald Trump there have been many accusers (now the Times “Persons of the Year”) that have come forward with charges against persons in the entertainment industry, major businesses, the news media and now against senators and congressmen including Trump.

Even before the election, Trump has had 12 (at last count) women accusing him of sexual misconduct, abuse and harassment. Many have lost their jobs, reputations and careers over these accusations. Yet when it comes to politics, there seems to be a different and conflicting standard applied to those in politics.

Republicans as well as Democrats have been accused and now the Democrats have strived to become the “zero tolerance” party when it comes to sexual misconduct. The Republicans on the other hand have now lost all moral values when it comes to their own. Trump and his party funneled money and support for Roy Moore in Alabama. In doing so, the Republicans were endorsing and supporting sexual immorality in this country.

Those words “Equal justice under law” mean just that. Of all the politicians accused of sexual misconduct, Trump has more accusations against him than any of rest of the field. If even one is required to resign, then they all must resign. Trump is not above the law as is any man. Before it’s too late, we need to dump Trump!