Letters to the Editor

Great Choral Society concert, but a question about proceeds

I attended the concert by the Olympia Choral Society at the Koval Center for the Performing Arts Center at North Thurston High School as I am sure many of you did. As usual the very talented Terry Shaw produced another memorable performance. And as usual the proceeds were donated to a local organization.

This year that association is the North Thurston Education Foundation. I’m sure this is a very fine organization, but I question the need for it.

One of North Thurston’s elementary school teachers has been requesting teacher supplies for her students from the members of our church. It appears to me that the North Thurston district has no problem coming up with millions of dollars to continue to build lavish new facilities, especially for the administration, yet they still have portables for the students.

They didn’t have any trouble coming up with funds to demolish one of the most popular and beneficial ball parks in the area.

If they would set aside 10 percent of their construction budget to take care of their students, everyone would come out ahead. I have very little respect for this district.

Former student but not supporter.