Letters to the Editor

GOP's Christmas present for the rich

The GOP senators have passed their “Tax Cuts for the Super Rich” bill, which is an early Christmas present for Trump and his cronies, and a lump of coal for the rest of the masses, at best.

The Democrats, while voting against, put up a tepid resistance. Is it because they are absolutely inept in crafting simple messages that the average taxpayer can understand, or is it that they secretly hoped that the bill would pass? After all, it also will benefit their super-rich donors, who will now open up their donation spigots even more in gratitude.

We are transitioning from being one of the greatest republics in the world to a banana republic, where the rich and powerful control the country. The foundation of our Constitution is based on the concept of “limitation of powers.” Since the Supreme Court’s “Citizen United” decision, unlimited money has been pouring in to both parties’ coffers. In politics, money equals power.

If we cannot reverse this, then the only other way to get back to this fundamental “limitation of power” concept is to impose term limits in all levels of government. We the people need to demand this and get started on the Constitutional changes needed to affect it.