Letters to the Editor

Whatever will be for the tree?

Last May, when the “microburst” hit the county, a large fir tree fell directly across Carpenter Road (just past Roo Lan Health Care in Lacey). Amazingly, there was no damage to lives, vehicles or buildings — apparently only a fence.

The giant tree was healthy enough, but it sat on a slanting bank with deteriorating root support. Earlier in the year, several trees were taken down along Carpenter Southeast, but my reports of the fragile condition of this tree were discounted. As I frequently walked and drove by it, my concern remained. As I perilously made my way home that afternoon, driving “under” the fallen fir tree, I was hopeful the damage was limited and disgruntled it hadn’t been proactively taken down.

I currently walk and drive past a giant, apparently healthy cottonwood near the 600 block of Dennis Street Southeast. The similarities are uncanny with the size and position of the tree on a “not so slanting” bank and similar deteriorating root support. With the forecast for a wetter winter and the experience of the fir tree, I made my report to the Public Works Department and Tumwater City Hall. The followup was efficient and professional, however the arborist deemed the tree healthy and not in need of removal.

I only hope that when this tree comes down, the result will be similar as well. And with a senior living community east of this tree, I hope the response to the damage and power outages is even swifter.

Que sera sera.

Kristi Koeppen, Tumwater