Letters to the Editor

Trump following “Dictatorship 101 Handbook”

Mr. Trump (Sorry, no "P Word" for you -- you kicked that revered noun to the curb a while back!):

At this time in your reign, it's time to review if you are sticking to the tenets of The Dictatorship 101 Handbook. Overall, not bad! Your high points:

Domestic: The women and children in detention gets high marks. Extra points given for the thermal blankets given out by your ICE guys. Sorta like the bar of soap given out at Auschwitz! Chilling, how they behave like their predecessors, the S.S. (Hint: give 'em black uniforms with the skull and crossbones emblem -- sends a stronger message.)

Foreign policy: Nice touch, that interview with the FOX News hack, where you mentioned you wished "your people would salute you, too." Again a hint: suggest "your people" do so with the right arm extended.

Future goals: Keeping the lies alive -- you've got a great beginning here. Research has identified, since 2016, over 1,000 of them. Stay close to the master's (Joseph Goebbels) 1936 quote though: "If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself." You are on track, if not there already, to be the greatest American liar ever. Nice work. It just remains to be seen if the American people really care.

Where to improve: Work on the youth angle. Little kids in lederhosen with adorable little red "Make America Great Again" hats will pull at our limited understanding of history minds.

Sig Heil, Donald!