Letters to the Editor

It’s time to get involved and vote

Our democracy is in jeopardy. Our present administration is taking power over our democracy one step at a time. It is a mistake to assume that our institutions cannot be destroyed or changed. We see it happening every day since January 2017. Our president creates a crisis on purpose to get the media involved and to feed the fear and hate that is prevalent in our country.

Our only power to save our democracy is to speak out and vote. We need to defend our democratic elections. We comprise our American values and principles by not voting. Silence promotes dictatorial power.

The mid-term election is looming, starting with the primary election on Aug. 7, and the national election on Nov. 6. Politicians pay attention to our voices and our votes. We need to vote for a Congress that exercises the checks and balances established in our Constitution. Stand and vote for our democracy and put an end to this administration that is systematically taking power over our country and destroying our democracy on every front.