Letters to the Editor

Citizens need to vote to protect our democracy

Our representative democracy is in peril when citizens do not vote. We bear the full responsibility to protect ourselves and our society, “The Great Experiment,” from descent into tyranny.

Whenever we think Trump and his Republican Party cannot reach a lower level of depravity, along comes another day. Aligning with dictators while alienating our greatest allies, President Trump has now joined our country with Iran, North Korea and Eritrea by withdrawing from the UN Commission on Human Rights.

The separation of children from parents at our borders shows Trump exploiting the fear of many whites in our society of losing their power and control over the “Other.” Trump referred to these human beings escaping terror in their own countries as an “infestation.”

We are all immigrants whose parents escaped famine, wars, religious persecution or were forcibly brought here as slaves. Our diversity has been our greatest strength. Too often we bent to our fears -- even in our original Constitution. However, with each descent toward tyranny, which was the thing most feared by our founding fathers, our better angels came forth.

Trump, et al, are the voice of tyranny that is trying to end what has made us great. Weakening laws and changing policies on climate change, health care (including Medicare) and more are attacks on all of us.

Our country can destroy itself from within when we citizens accept propaganda to feed our fears or we can vote to further strengthen our goodness. Your vote is your voice. Use it well.