Letters to the Editor

Land use laws causing higher housing costs

The people near Panorama on Golf Club Road complaining about the planning process and the potential impact on the neighborhood are lucky. That really is a small problem.

Our rent just went up 15 percent and the year before that we would have seen a possible 50 percent increase but we moved. For many in Thurston County, the lack of shelter at a reasonable price is a major issue and it will only get worse as society ages.

Land use laws have their roots firmly planted in racism. Today they burden all of us financially.

The online blog “Citylab” featured a report about a study on the costs of land use regulations and noted that if regulations were relaxed it would amount to a wage increase of $8,775 annually and an economic gain of almost $2 trillion for the nation. To quote the article, “Instead of fueling productivity and growth, too much of America’s urban economic power is simply being wasted on higher housing bills.” The government with its exorbitant fees seems to be benefiting the most from these costs.

I would rather have a free market in housing than this system we have today.

It has got to the point that we can’t afford the rent or the medical bills. Where to next; the streets?