Letters to the Editor

The Missing Middle is not new news

I am a strong proponent of the Missing Middle housing proposal. The idea that this issue is considered by some to be a new conversation is baffling to me. This has been an ongoing conversation of mine for over 20 years.

I am frustrated by the assertion that the process to develop the proposal has not been inclusive or transparent. This topic was one discussed as part of the Downtown Stakeholders Group which first convened in October 2015 and concluded March 2017. Some have suggested that neighborhoods have not been involved, yet there were two neighborhood association representatives on the stakeholder work group; both having strong ties to the Coalition of Neighborhoods Association. No one has tried to sneak this by anyone.

It is also important to consider that many people do not want neighborhood associations to speak for them. While these groups provide an important role in the community, they are not representative organizations, and are limited by the time and energy that a few people have to offer.

It is each person’s responsibility to be informed and engaged in the issues they feel strongly about. The city held open houses in May, November and February to engage the broader public. The Planning Commission delayed a public hearing to allow more people to become acquainted with the issue and offer feedback.

If some feel uninformed, it’s not because the opportunity did not exist. The city has done a fantastic job gathering feedback and information from our community.