Letters to the Editor

Menser is the right choice for commissioner

Please join me in supporting Tye Menser for Thurston County Commissioner. Tye is the superior candidate and the strongest Democrat running for this position. Don’t be fooled by two candidates choosing to run as “Independents.” They are Republicans who won’t admit their true party preference. Why is this? We all should support truth in packaging.

The current all Republican board of commissioners derailed work on a habitat conservation plan that would have enabled rural land owners to develop their property without multiple costly inspections for signs of gopher activity. Their actions have delayed permits. They also have diverted Conservation Future monies to pay for gopher costs. Tye will work to restore Conservation Future monies to their dedicated purpose of protecting critical conservation areas.

Tye is the most qualified candidate. He graduated with honors from Harvard, received a law degree from the University of California at Berkeley, and has had a 20-year career as an attorney. He is a quick learner with a grasp of complicated issues. Tye has become well versed in county government and how it must work cooperatively with cities and towns. He is committed to ensuring a fair balance between property rights and environmental protection.

The current board of commissioners have expended the county reserve monies. Tye will work to reestablish these reserves that will be needed in bad economic times.

Please vote for Tye Menser for county commissioner.