Letters to the Editor

What leverage does Putin have over Trump?

I want to communicate my outrage at President Trump’s performance as Putin’s Puppet in Helsinki. I can think of no example in American history where a President has so blatantly brown-nosed the head of a hostile foreign nation. That a President of the United States would do such a thing as what Trump did – ignoring the conclusions of our intelligence agencies and even the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence about Russian interference in our election and weakly claiming to believe Putin’s denials in a press conference with Putin broadcast worldwide -- used to be unthinkable.

Perhaps as disturbing as Trump’s statement in Helsinki is the idea that Trump can somehow claim that he unintentionally mis-spoke and didn’t actually say what he said and that he does believe the findings of our intelligence community that Russia did actually interfere with our election. First, this means Trump thinks we’re all idiots. Second, it means that Trump has absolutely no regard for the truth and that he will say absolutely anything. Third, it strongly supports the deduction that Putin has leverage over Trump – it must be really big to get an American President to act this way. This underscores the importance of allowing the Mueller investigation into election interference to continue and also demanding that Trump fully disclose his tax returns.