Letters to the Editor

Not just a candidate for Democrats

Contrary to what a previous writer stated about Democrats backing the wrong candidate, Tye Menser may be a Democrat but he is working for all Thurston County residents, not simply Democrats. Voters need to know that Tye has dedicated his life to providing justice to under-served families and communities as a lawyer. He is very modest about his credentials as a Harvard and University of California Berkeley graduate and the honesty and character he shows.

Tye has shown me that he is highly intelligent, knows the issues facing the county and wants to serve the public’s interest, not just the business community and real estate developers. He has the courage and strength to stand up to those whose myopic vision does not serve the needs of the majority of Thurston County residents. He will be an excellent commissioner for Thurston County because he is a man of strong and ethical character. As a retired professor of public administration, I find it refreshing to encounter an ethnical and highly capable public servant as Tye Menser, and I urge county voters to join me in backing him against the establishment.