Letters to the Editor

County commissioners inaccurately labeled ‘independent’

On paper, we have three “independent” Thurston County commissioners. Don’t be fooled — they’re all Republicans. Their campaign donor lists should convince you of that. Led by Bud Blake, the commission has lurched from one foolhardy decision to another.

Take the Mazama pocket gopher issue. Blake’s predecessors were on a steady path toward completing a habitat conservation plan that would have enabled many south county land owners to develop their property without multiple costly inspections for signs of gopher activity and delays in issuing permits.

When Republicans took over the commission in 2016, they derailed work on the plan. Now, with the 2018 elections looming, Blake and company suddenly see the light and are furiously working on a habitat conservation plan. If you own property in gopher habitat, these commissioners have needlessly cost you considerable time and money.

Voters have an opportunity this year to dump Blake and send a strong message to the other two commissioners. Luckily, a terrific candidate has stepped up to take him on: Tye Menser.

Tye has impressive credentials (graduated with honors from Harvard, law degree from University of California-Berkeley, a 20-year legal career). Equally impressive are his quick grasp of complex issues, strong work ethic, and commitment to ensuring a fair balance between property rights and environmental protections.

I’m voting for Tye Menser on Aug. 7. So should you!