Letters to the Editor

Don’t punish immigrant families

The Trump administration is enforcing yet another immoral policy, forcing immigrants to choose between seeking medical care and staying in this country. If proposed changes to U.S. immigration policy are permitted to proceed, already struggling families will be forced to make these choices and further destabilize them.

Under the new proposed changes, a person can be denied permanent residency if they have been a recipient of Medicaid, SNAP (formerly food stamps), federal housing assistance, or other anti-poverty programs. This is reminiscent of the excuse the US government used to keep Jews fleeing the Holocaust out of the country.

Our nation has a history of legislating certain racial groups as less than human and undeserving of basic human rights. I urge members of Congress not to repeat any mistakes of our past and rise against any detrimental policy changes that deny medical care, nutrition and housing assistance from any families.