Letters to the Editor

Prop. 1 is needed for growing county

As an unincorporated area resident living on the Yelm Highway, among the busiest roads in the county, I have been frustrated with the transit service we have. While Intercity Transit does a great job on the routes they serve, we need more service.

As the sixth largest county in Washington state by population, Thurston straddles the classifications of urban and rural, with its tri-city base and large rural area. It is expected to grow by at least 40,000 in the next two decades. One of the features of a thriving county is a good transit system. Transit makes mobility less harmful to the environment than driving in cars. It reduces congestion. It aids those who cannot afford automobiles or who physically cannot drive. It supports education and employment.

The Sustainable Thurston plan adopted years ago calls for increased transit. But Intercity Transit does not currently have the funds to do the job we need. That’s why I’m supporting Proposition 1, which would improve transit services through increased Dial-a-Lift capacity for those who need it and new routes, extended hours and increased frequency for the rest of us.

We need more and better transit in Thurston County. Vote for Proposition 1.