Letters to the Editor

Why I support Menser for County Commissioner

I’m supporting Tye Menser for the District 3 Thurston County Commission seat.

As Mayor Pro Tem of Tumwater, I know the importance of communication and positive working relationships between our cities and county government. Unfortunately, those relationships have become strained under the leadership of the incumbent commissioner.

Local governments must work together to solve big regional issues, such as affordable housing, homelessness, transportation and climate change. Tye understands that. Unlike the current incumbent’s lack of consensus building and transparency, Tye knows that creating consensus and maintaining relationships is essential to establishing trust. Without trust and openness, intergovernmental relations break down quickly.

When governments negotiate with one another, it’s not about “I win, you lose.” It’s about “what can we accomplish together?” Tye, who has developed strong negotiation skills as a defense attorney, embraces that concept. The incumbent commissioner? Not so much.

We have in Tye Menser a Harvard graduate with a head – and heart – for government, a man who genuinely cares about people and protecting our quality of life in Thurston County.