Letters to the Editor

Our country needs us to engage

Let’s find a positive way forward in a country fraught with anger and division by getting involved. Support our free press by subscribing to newspapers and tuning into other sources that offer reliable information and investigative journalism. The press provides the watchdog services necessary to both question and explain the complexities of our times for those of us who are too busy to dig deeply.

With the help of the press and other resources like the Voter’s Pamphlet and the internet, we can educate ourselves about the candidates and the issues, and then complete and mail in our ballots by November 6th. Extraordinarily high levels of voter participation will show our children, our nation and the world that we are a citizenry that cares about those who govern on our behalf and the direction of our country.

I am truly thankful that all around me I see examples of folks continuing to forge ahead in positive ways despite the amoral behavior of those at the top. As individuals we can treat each other with respect and look for ways to understand and honor those who are different from ourselves. We can also lend our support to public, private and non-profit organizations that model and further this type of work.

There is never enough time in our days, but our country needs us to get involved as we are able not later, but now. Let’s rise to meet the challenges that face us with thoughtful and active engagement at all levels!