Letters to the Editor

Rethinking criticism of young people and phones

I would like to apologize to all the young people whose use of cell phones, I have denigrated over the years. It was easy to do since I always assumed people near my age (70) were more considerate. I learned otherwise while attending the theater premiere of Bohemian Rhapsody recently.

I seems the 60-something gentleman who sat beside me had have his cell-phone set to an audible vibrate as well as the ring tone. It went off at least twice which of course required him to display the bright screen to shut down the ringing. Obviously this gentleman didn’t see or hear the screen reminders to completely shut off their cell phones before the movie even began.

It was also no joy to occasionally hear him sing along with the sound track and not even try to conceal the noise he made when opening and closing his “not purchased in the theater candy treats.”

I suppose I should have said something but given today’s climate of short tempered, gun toting, loose cannons with conceal permits, I thought it best to keep quiet and enjoy the moments of the film I did. I certainly didn’t want to instigate any “movie rage.” Once again, I apologize to our youth.