Letters to the Editor

Border wall will have negative economic impact

The border wall as proposed by the Trump Administration has many negative environmental and social impacts, but what not everyone realizes is that it would also have negative economic impacts as well. In San Diego alone, a 2015 report estimated that approximately $6 billion was brought into the city yearly through cross border commerce. Later due to restrictions preventing movement across the border, $7.2 billion and approximately 62,000 jobs were lost.

There are hotels, vacation homes, and bed-and-breakfasts along the Rio Grande River, which runs parallel to the US-Mexico border for a huge portion of Texas. The proposed path of the wall would cut off many of those businesses from the river, which is the main attraction for tourists to go there.

These are just two examples of the negative economic outcomes of stronger border security. These kinds of problems are only going to increase with the ever increasing border security and will explode of the proposed wall does get built.

The wall might decrease the number of unauthorized border crossings, but it would have disastrous effects on the environment and the economy. It’s not worth it.