Letters to the Editor

Why local news matters

This morning I was visiting with a friend when she called my attention to your last Sunday’s commentary about local news that matters (p. 11A). I went home and reread today’s front section to note how many articles matter to me.

On page 1A, “ICE faces First Amendment challenge” means that ICE must quit singling out activists against its policies for arrest. My friend Maru Mora Villalpando was acting on her First Amendment right of free speech when she criticized ICE’s treatment of immigrants in the GEO private prison in Tacoma.

On 2A, “Boeing’s 3Q profit increases” is good news for my pension. On 3A, “Cantwell, Murray object to the process for filling federal appeals court seat” tells me that our senators are fighting to uphold long-standing Senate norms requiring the approval of at least one of them before appointment of a new judge to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals which serves the western states including Washington. This is important for fairness because it would prevent purely political appointments.

On 4A, “Flu claims first death of season in state” is a strong reminder that flu continues to be a lethal threat. 5A brought me 2 LTEs on topics I wanted exposed before the election. My friend E.J. Zita is NOT running for Thurston County Commissioner. And on 6A, “Trump signs measure to fight opioid crisis” will bring much-needed money to our state to save lives by providing treatment options and not just jail time for addicts.

News Matters Locally!